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Since launching Official SAT Practice, we have heard from many teachers looking to use this resource in their classrooms. The reports allow coaches to see the recommended “lesson plans” (aka personalized practice plan) that students are working through, as well as how students have been doing at aggregate and individual levels, making it easier than ever for teachers to support students in preparing for the SAT. (Coaches can only see reports for students who have enabled SAT access to their coaches [a sub-setting from usual coach reports]).

Note: At the moment, this feature is only available for students who are enrolled in one of your classes. There are three ways you can create a class to enable the use of SAT Coach Tools:

  • Create a new regular subject class (math, English, science, etc.) and add on the SAT coach resources
  • Create a new class specifically for SAT
  • Add SAT coach resources to an existing class


Enabling SAT Coach Tools

To enable SAT Coach Tools for a class, select the checkbox next to Turn on SAT test preparation reporting in the class Settings tab.



This action will add a SAT tab to your class page.


SAT Tab Features

  • Lesson recommendations for Math and Reading & Writing
  • These sections provide teachers with an aggregated view of the most relevant  SAT skills to work on with students. There are 42 skills for math and 28 skills for Reading and Writing. They are rank ordered based on students’ skill levels on these topics and the frequency at which the topics appear on the exam. Learn more about skill levels.
  • You can see the number of students in your class at each level across skills and can search for specific skills to work on with your class.

  • From this section, you can also browse lesson content for the recommended skills, including lesson plans, worked-out practice example videos, and Khan Academy content


  • Recent activity: Below the classroom lessons sections, you’ll find an overview of students’ most recent activity on Official SAT Practice. For each student, this section includes the following items:
    • The student’s progress against their question goals for the week. Each student creates their own practice schedule in which they choose a specific number of questions to practice for each session they have scheduled.
    • Teachers will be able to see how many questions a student has completed that week, even if they haven’t created a practice schedule. The goal will show up as a dash (-) in this case.
    • Whether or not a student has any scheduled practice tests that week and whether they completed them.
    • The number of days until the student’s SAT—if they’ve connected their account to College Board and registered for an exam. This is the number of days until the exam that they’re registered for, not a scheduled practice test.
    • Whether or not the student has connected their account to College Board for personalized recommendations based on past PSAT/NMSQT or SAT exams.


For each skill, you can select the View details and browse lessons button to access related content and resources relevant to that skill.

Once you select View details and browse lessons next to the skill, a pop-up window appears that includes the following items:

  • Lesson plans by teachers, for teachers: relevant lessons with guidance on how to teach that skill in a classroom setting. These lessons were created by a group of teachers in collaboration with the College Board.
  • Related content: other exercises, videos, or articles outside of Official SAT Practice from Khan Academy’s broad library of materials that teachers can assign directly to students.
  • Top recommended practice for: a list of students for whom this skill is among the specific short list of practice we are currently recommending to them.
  • Student skill levels: a deeper dive into the student skill levels. Click on a student’s name to dive deeper into their activity.


Overview of the student SAT tab

You can also take a closer look at each individual student to help identify areas where a specific individual may need more support.

You can click on any row in the Recent SAT activity section to view details on that particular student. Once there, you’ll see the following information:

  • The skills currently being recommended to that student
  • The student’s progress against their scheduled question goals this week and last
  • A calendar view of the student’s self-created practice schedule
  • The student’s completed practice
    • Teachers can select the row to dive in and see the individual questions practiced as well as every student’s responses to each question.
  • The student’s practice test scores
    • This section will be empty if the student has not taken any practice exams.
    • Please note that these scores are not meant to be used for grading, as each student has different goals and is in the process of practicing.  
    • Additionally, students can search for the answers to these practice exams online.
  • Additional information about the student’s test days, whether they’ve linked to College Board, and their overall skill level


Student Data Sharing

Once you’ve created your class and enabled the SAT tools, all of the students in that class will automatically get an invitation to share their SAT activity with you.

The first time they log in to Official SAT Practice after you’ve enabled the SAT coach tools and added students, they will see a pop-up on their SAT Dashboard. Once they agree to share, you will start seeing their information in your class.


Note: If you add additional students to a class with SAT tools enabled, we will automatically send them an invitation to share their SAT data with you.

Email notifications

Teachers with SAT enabled on their classes will receive a weekly notification about their students’ progress. These emails will include information about practice tests students just completed or have upcoming that week, plus a summary of students’ activity for the past week.


Helpful tips to implement Official SAT Practice in your school

We’d love to share some helpful implementation tips and methods that have been successful with other teachers and schools!

  • Explore the student resources to familiarize yourself with what students will see by selecting the SAT subject under Test Prep in the Subjects drop-down at the upper left of the Khan Academy screen.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to share strategies and troubleshoot issues together. To share and see tips and best practices from other teachers, check out our teacher community.
  • Develop a school action plan with measurable goals for the year, and continue to track those goals.
  • Engage students’ families, volunteers, or community groups to emphasize practice.


Last updated October 5, 2017

Images updated October 5, 2017

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