Guide to Assignment coaching reports


Assignment reports allow you to see the progress your classes and students are making and help you identify gaps in their understanding.

First, go to your Coach dashboard and select a class with existing assignments.  


Video Completion Report

Click the blue fraction in the Completed column of your assignments list for any video assignment to view the video completion report.


Here is an example of the video completion report:



Note: If students fast-forward, jump to the end, or skip a portion of the video, their activity will not show up as complete in your report. If students decide to watch the video at a faster speed but they complete the entire video, it will show up as complete in your report. 


Article Completion Report

The same report is available for articles. Click the blue fraction in the Completion column for any article to view the complete report.


Here’s an example of an article completion report.  



Note: Both videos and articles show completion reports, but you may want to pair them either with a Khan Academy exercise or an in-class check for understanding to allow students the chance to demonstrate their understanding.


Exercise Performance Report

As with videos and articles, click on the blue fraction in the Completed column to view the performance report for any exercise.


This report will tell you three things:

  • Date completed: This helps you identify if each student completed the assignment prior to the due date.
  • Number correct / number answered: Exercises typically are five to seven problems long. In the performance report, you can see each student’s best performance on the exercise. So, a student might get two out of seven on the first attempt then retry and get five out of seven. In that situation, you would see a 5/7 result in your performance report. This system helps reward students for persistence and learning from mistakes.
  • View report: This link will show you how a student performed on each problem that they attempted. It may be especially useful during one-on-one tutoring.



For students, there are three levels of completion in an exercise.

  • Less than 70% correct: If student do not achieve 70% correct, Khan Academy does not count the exercise as practiced. If this is the highest performance a student achieves on an exercise, then the star next to that exercise will stay gray.
  • Between 70 and 100% correct: This meets the standard for the Practiced label. With this score, the star will be filled in blue, but the outer ring around the star will stay grey.
  • 100% correct: When a student gets 100% on a problem set, both the star and the outer ring will turn blue.


Individual Item Report

If you’d like to see the entire item bank of problems that students attempted, click View report. Note: the problem bank is larger than the number of problems any single student is required to complete. That means different students will have been assigned different problems.

The problems are sorted by difficulty. Problems that the highest proportion of students answered incorrectly will appear at the top of the item bank. You can verify what proportion of students answered each problem correctly on their first attempt by looking at the fraction next to the word Correct in the top-right corner of each problem.



Note: The fractions in the top right corner of each question have different denominators because not every student will have attempted each problem.


Individual Student Report

Click on the Correct fraction in the top-right corner of a question to see how each student performed on each question. If a name appears next to 2, 3, or 4 attempts, it indicates that the student did not get the answer right on their first attempt.



Projector View

If you click on any question in the exercise report, you can expand the screen, making it easier for your entire class of students to easily view and read an individual problem. This may enable you to lead discussions about specific problems your students found challenging.



Note: If you are a math teacher using missions with your students, then you have access to two additional reports. Follow the links to learn more about the Progress tabFor more information on creating and managing assignments, see this Guide.


Last updated October 19, 2017

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