How can students prepare for class tests with personalized study plans?


We’re excited to announce new features designed to help students study for tests.

Our unit pages have recently been updated to provide students with personalized study plans. You can see what this looks like in a unit like Algebra foundations:


When a student takes a brief diagnostic quiz, Khan Academy provides recommendations for the specific videos and exercises they should focus on based on their performance. Mid-unit quizzes provide a check for understanding on additional skills, and then a final unit test combines problems from all skills within the unit to help students assess their progress.

Along with these new features, we’ve updated overall page designs to help students monitor their progress through the skills in their class. 

Note: Teachers cannot assign or view student results on quizzes and unit tests yet -- we hope to make this possible in the near future. It’s also worth mentioning that, because these quizzes are automatically generated, their quantity and placement will vary across certain units.


Last updated September 27, 2017

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