Can I participate if I’m homeschooled, not in grades 3-12, or outside the US?


Homeschooled students may participate as part of their homeschool group or individually through “Growth Mindset Activities,” in which your teacher or parent can sign up for LearnStorm as a class and add you as their student. To compete for real-life prizes, the class must have the requirement of 10 or more students.

Right now, only teachers and students in grades 3-12 may participate at this time. As soon as there’s a change in our program we will let our users know!

And, as of this moment, only teachers and students inside of the 50 United States may participate.

U.S. territories like Puerto Rico and Guam, are not eligible for this program, however, based on the success of it, Khan Academy is improving our platform so Learnstorm can reach anyone, anywhere. As soon as there’s new information you’ll be notified.


Last updated September 21, 2017

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