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Mission % doesn't match circular progress indicator or number of skills displayed


We're removing Missions in June 2020. See here for more information.

On any mission homepage, you'll find information about your progress, including which levels you've reached on different skills, how many skills you haven't started yet, and your percent progress on that mission. (See this article to learn how mission progress is calculated.) 


 We've recently received concerns about the percentage displayed inside of the circle appearing to not match up with the circular representation or the number of skills mastered, like this:


This has been especially common recently, and it's almost always because the percentage number has been intentionally modified using browser tools.

If someone has modified the page display, it will not change the circular progress indicator or the number of skills mastered.  Those should correctly reflect the actual mission progress.

Your Coach Tools will also continue to display accurate data.  

If this is the situation for you or your student, refreshing the Mission homepage will remove the modification, and correct progress will be restored.  We're sorry for any confusion this temporary "hack" might have caused!  If you still have questions, please file a support ticket with as much information as possible, and we'll be happy to help.