[Beta] What is Unit Mastery?


Some learners who visit a unit page in their math subject will see a new system for making progress in their learning: Unit Mastery.

Note: This feature is currently being tested and is only available to a small percentage (1-5%) of learners. The designs below may change.

In addition to reading this article, we encourage you to check out Sal’s new video about Unit Mastery.



With Unit Mastery, as you practice skills and answer questions in quizzes and unit tests, your skill levels will go up (or down, if you miss questions in a quiz or unit test). Become Mastered in all of your skills to reach 100%.



  • Familiar
    • Get 70%+ correct when you practice a skill, or get a skill correct in a quiz or unit test.
  • Proficient
    • Get a familiar skill correct in a quiz or unit test, or get 100% correct on a quiz.
  • Mastered
    • Get a proficient skill correct in the unit test.


If you already know some of the content in the unit, it’s totally fine to jump ahead to a quiz or unit test and prove your knowledge. Quizzes and unit tests are also the fastest way to level up your skills.


How does this connect to Missions mastery?

With Khan Academy missions, you also practice a skill multiple times in order to master the skill. The new Unit Mastery progress corresponds to your progress in a Mission. Here are how the levels correspond:


 In the Missions system, a skill that is “Practiced” or “Level One” will appear as “Familiar” in Unit Mastery.


Unit Mastery percentage

Your Unit Mastery percentage represents the progress you’ve made on the skills in this unit. Here’s how much each level contributes to your percentage total:

  • Familiar is worth 50% of the total value of the skill.
  • Proficient is worth 80% of the value.
  • Mastered is worth 100% of the value.


For example, if you were familiar with every skill in the unit, you would have 50% Unit Mastery. If you were proficient in every skill in the unit, you would have 80% Unit Mastery.


Unit Mastery titles



As you reach higher levels of Unit Mastery, you will unlock new titles:

  • Apprentice
    • 0-24% Unit Mastery
  • Explorer
    • 25-49% Unit Mastery
  • Pioneer
    • 50-74% Unit Mastery
  • Adventurer
    • 75-99% Unit Mastery
  • Sage
    • 100% Unit Mastery


Paths to mastery

There are several paths to becoming mastered in a skill, but they all include answering the skill correctly on a Unit test. Here are several routes you can take to mastering a specific skill:

  • Get 70%+ correct practicing a skill + correct on 1 quiz + correct on 1 unit test
  • Get 70%+ correct practicing a skill + correct on 2 unit tests
  • Correct on 2 quizzes + correct on 1 unit test
  • Correct on 1 quiz + correct on 2 unit tests
  • Get 100% correct on a quiz + correct on 1 unit test
  • Correct on 3 unit tests


Mastery is not easily earned, and that’s intentional. But putting in the work to achieve it will prove you’ve earned it.

We hope those of you in the new Unit Mastery system will enjoy leveling up your skills and reaching 100% Unit Mastery.

In late 2017, we will be opening Unit Mastery to a small set of beta testers. The beta testing is only open to laptop/desktop learners who are not connected to another account as a teacher/parent/coach/student/child. If interested, apply here to be a beta tester for Unit Mastery.


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Last updated November 2, 2017

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