Guide to Assigning Tests and Quizzes


We're excited to announce that teachers can now assign quizzes and unit tests to their students! Assigned quizzes and unit tests will come with the same simple but powerful reporting that we provide for exercises, and are available across grades and subjects.

Assigning works the same way as exercises, too:

  • Navigate to the quiz or test that you want to assign


  • Start the quiz or test. You will now see the assign toolbar where you can choose the class, students, and due date for the quiz or test. You’ll also receive a notification that the quiz or test has been assigned.



  • The quiz will show up in your assignments list with the other material you’ve assigned to the class


As always - we rely on feedback from teachers like you to make improve Khan Academy. How will you use quizzes and unit tests with your students now that they're assignable?


Last updated November 10, 2017

Images updated November 10, 2017

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