Why is my child's account being deleted after 7 days?


Khan Academy can allow children under 13 years old to create an account by themselves. While creating their accounts, these users will be asked to enter their parent’s email address. Parents will then receive an email asking to approve the child account.

In the meantime, the user will be able to create a username / password for logging in and start using Khan Academy!

Parents will have to approve the account within 7 days or less. If the child account is not approved by the parent within the 7 days, it will be permanently deleted. The reason is because Khan Academy cannot store personal information of under 13 users without parental approval. The 7 day grace period will allow the child to start using Khan Academy and all its features while the parent approves.

If you think the email address was incorrectly misspelled, or if the email to approve the account was never received, no need to worry! You can now update the email address directly from the child account Settings page.

Visit the Settings page, then click on Update under the Parent/Guardian email section. You'll be prompted to re-enter the email address. See below:

The email will be sent once again in order to be approved. 


Last updated November 13, 2017

Images updated November 13, 2017

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