Why aren’t videos showing as complete?


There are a few reasons why videos might not be showing as completed after watching them in your web browsers or mobile. But first, let’s understand the fundamental of how progress is recorded once you finish viewing a video, article or practice (showing completed).

Video progress is not recorded as completed for the following reasons:

  • If you skip through a section of the video
  • If you skip to the next section before the current video ends
  • If you open up a different video while the current video is playing

Note: that videos will be marked complete with no issue at 2x speed.


Here are a few examples:

Completed videos will appear in a slightly darker colored play icon (see below), and this will be reflected in the progress.


Incomplete videos will appear in a light color. See below:


Missing videos or videos that haven’t been watched within a lesson are shown as grey.


Note: The following subjects are colored coded:

  • Red for Arts & Humanities
  • Blue for Math
  • Pink for Science & Engineering
  • Green for Computing
  • Purple for  SAT
  • Orange for  Economics & Finance


These are some reasons videos might not be marked complete:

  • You're not logged in
    • If you are not logged in while watching a video the progress will not record to your account.
  • Internet connection issues
    • If you have a slow internet connection this cause the system to record the whole the full video completion. Please check this article for Khan Academy connection requirements.
  • Idle watching videos
    • If a video is played, but you open up another tab or window, the video will be playing in idle mode. This means no progress will be recorded in the video and it will continue showing as incomplete.
  • Skipping through videos
    • If you skip forward in a video, the video will not show complete progress even if it is only a couple of seconds. All the seconds must be watched. This includes closing the video until it has completely ended


If you follow the instructions and your videos are still not marked as watched. Please use the Report a problem button in the Help Center and send a Help request describing the steps you took and provide screenshots if possible.



Last updated December 6, 2017

Images updated November 20, 2017

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