Why are my students receiving an email with the incorrect due date?


When assigning a quiz, unit test, video or article to your students from your coach dashboard, they will receive an email notification summary about their newly set assignment and its respective due date.

This is an example email of what students receive after they've been assigned:


Currently, when teachers assign any material with a due date between of 6 PM - 11:59 PM (on any given day), students will receive the email notification with an incorrect due date. It will reflect one day after its actual due date. For example: If an assignment is due at 7 PM on Dec 7, 2017, the email notification will state Due Dec 8, 2017).

This discrepancy only exists with the email notifications. The coach dashboard and the student's assignment tab will show the correct due date.

We apologize for any confusion that this may cause to your students and your class experience. Our development team hopes to address this in a future update.


Last updated December 8, 2017

Images updated December 8, 2017

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