What is the KACP Challenge Council?

The Challenge Council consists of a small team of active members of the KACP community that works together to develop contests for KACP over the course of a year. Members will have gone through the application process and been evaluated by KA staff. The Council will create one contest each month for the KACP section, handle the judging of the projects submitted, and announce a winner each month. Monthly winners will receive badges recognizing their achievement.

Challenge Council Responsibilities

  • Create 12 contests a year that will engage and challenge the KACP community.
  • Create a set of fair and equitable standards for judging contest entries.
  • Ensure that the contests are geared towards learners of different skill and experience levels throughout the year.
  • Maintain respectful communication and interactions with KA community, including fellow Council members, to create a supportive community environment and set a good example for other KACP learners.


Requirements for Challenge Council Members

  • Creativity and passion for promoting learning computer programming!
    • Brainstorming contest ideas for KACP learners of all levels is going to take a lot of thinking outside the box.  You’ll be regularly coming up with engaging, challenging, and rewarding projects for community members to work on.
  • Consistent contributions to the KACP section in the form of answering questions, contributing to discussions, and completing project evaluations.
    • Council members need to be highly familiar with the KACP platform and community and have experience supporting the community.
  • Availability to meet with other Council members to create and carry out contest launches each month.
    • Creating contests will take a bit of time, and it’s important that Council members be available to connect with each other in order to create fun, well thought-out contests that will benefit the whole KACP community.
  • A record free of any bans or repeated bad behavior, such as plagiarism, vote soliciting, or spamming for at least six months.
    • Council members should be aware of what constitutes good behavior according to KA guidelines so they can set a good example for others and demonstrate good judgement when helping the community.
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