What are the guidelines for publishing user-generated links, images, and videos?



For use of links on user-generated JS programs, see the JS Guidelines. These can be found underneath every user-generated JS program. There is currently no way to link directly to the page where these guidelines are found.

In discussions under forums, videos, and articles on Khan Academy, external and internal links are allowed if they are

  • helpful to the discussion at hand
  • relevant
  • appropriate
  • high-quality
  • not advertising, promotional, or commercial

Examples of when linking to commercial sites may be permissible:

  1. An answer can best be supported and expanded by referring to a scientific article. The article is only available as an abstract without paying for it. If it is an article from a peer reviewed science periodical it's still fine to link to the abstract page.
  2. In the Help center forums, linking to relevant external technical pages is generally fine if it helps solve a user issue using Khan Academy, even if they belong to a commercial company. 



For images in user-generated JS programs, see image (JS Documentation).

For images in user-generated HTML/CSS programs, see underneath Project: Travel webpage

(Not applicable for discussions under forums, videos, and articles on Khan Academy) 

We currently allow user generated images in the Support Community that are

  • helpful to the discussion at hand
  • relevant
  • appropriate
  • do not contain personal information or commercial images

Please try to limit your image size to <600 pix width and height.

If you need to supply images that contain personal information, for instance about account issues or inappropriate user behavior, do so via the Report a problem button in the Help Center so the team can help you in a private channel.



Some technical issues are best explained using screen capture videos. If you need to do so, use the Report a problem button in the Help Center to ensure privacy. 


Last updated September 26, 2017 

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