New advocates: registration guide

How do I get registered to use the Khan Academy translation tools?


  1. Make sure you read and understand the difference between the Translation Portal and Crowdin, and how you will use these sites as an advocate.
  2. Go to the Translation Portal and click on your language. You will be prompted to register for the translation project via Crowdin. Follow the directions and we will accept your request shortly.

            Some tips for registering on Crowdin:

                 Make sure that you register only for the "Official Khan Academy Translation Project".  

                 Make sure you select the correct language.

                To finalize registration, click on the confirmation link.

   3. Send an email to with your Crowdin user name. Use the                            subject heading [Attention i18n: Crowdin user name].

   4. Look out for an invitation to manage the Khan Academy Youtube channel for your language. We use            Youtube to host and subtitle our videos (your translators will access subtitling via the Translation Portal,        but the advocate needs to manage the Youtube channel we provide).

  5. Look out for invitations to join our Google Group for Advocates and Facebook page.

  6. Register for our wiki (there will be a link on the upper right).

 While you are getting all of this done, the Khan Academy localization team will be setting you up from our end!

 As soon as the registration process is completed, you can start translating videos and written text!

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