The videos aren't registered as watched in iOS

Lately there has been an increase in users reporting that after watching videos on a mobile device (iOS):

  • minutes aren't counted correctly
  • the videos do not show up as watched in the menu
  • there may be no trace on the account that the video was watched at all

After watching a video you don't get credit for, please check that you are logged into Khan Academy, and see if the issue is reproducible when logged in.

If you are not logged in, this explains why watching was not registered, but not why you were logged out.

If you were logged in, there is an error with storage or retrieval of data. 

In either case, please send a support request for a Technical problem with the website or app and tell us about it.

The technical team is aware of the issue but would like to gather more information.


Internal ticket 339014488160326

May 20th 2017

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