What is a coach?


A Khan Academy coach helps guide the journey of a learner of any age.

We believe that the role of a coach is very important for any learner.  The role is not restricted to a specific person; for example, a coach could be a teacher, a parent, a tutor, or a peer. While Khan Academy helps students without access to effective coaches, the ideal learning happens with engagement and interaction with a coach and other peers. The coach's reports show exactly what and when a student has learned to help the coach determine how best to help.  Coaches should use this information to encourage learners to maximize their potential by pushing and assuring learners to move past their comfort zone. 

A couple examples of when a coach may get involved include:

  1. When a learner has not gained mastery on a particular topic, a coach might investigate if the student has watched the corresponding topic's video, or if the student has tried a sufficient number of problems. If yes in both cases, then the coach might take the learner aside to do a separate tutorial.
  2. When a learner continually practices a specific exercise, a coach may inquire why the student is working on that exercise (are you working towards a specific badge? are you afraid to move to the next topic?). From there, the coach can determine whether or not to encourage the student to move on to the next exercise.

A user may have multiple coaches, and a coach may have multiple users that they are tracking. Each coach-learner relationship must be approved by both parties. For larger classrooms, it is typically fastest for each student to add their coach rather than the coach adding each student individually.

Note: While Khan Academy provides tools for coaches, we do not directly provide coaches.To find a coach, we encourage you to reach out to a teacher, parent, peer, tutor - someone in your life who can help invest in your learning development, and ask them to be your coach!  


Last updated October 14, 2017

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