How can I cancel or delete my account?

To delete your Khan Academy account, please login and visit the settings page at  Scroll down and select "delete account".  If you log back in within 10 days, your account will not be deleted and you will be notified of this. 


NOTE: You will need to delete any child accounts before deleting your own account.  Child accounts can be deleted on the same page. 


If there is no (longer) a child account the delete button for an adult account can be found at the bottom of the user's Settings page:



If there is a child account to be deleted first, scroll back up to Child accounts and press the Child's Settings.



Then scroll down for the Delete button.



Please note that deleting the account is a permanent action that will delete all progress and put a lock on your username. Your account cannot be restored once deleted.  After deletion, the same email address can be used to create another account but a different username will be required.   Resetting your point total is not an option at this time.

If you have issues, send a request from the email address associated with your Khan Academy account to with your username, current number of points and detailed description of the issue.  

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