How do I switch from one view (parent, teacher, or student) to another?

Every adult account (> 13 years age) has the ability to use Khan Academy as a parent, teacher, or student.  

If you already have a Khan Academy account:

To switch to your default dashboard, you can always click on "Khan Academy" or "Home" at the top of the screen. This will work if you are in a child or adult account.

To switch between the dashboards in an adult account, click your name at the top right of the screen.

  • "Learning home" will take you to your student/learner page where you can see the subjects you have started learning.
  • "Coach Dashboard" will take you to the coach/teacher page where you can view your students' progress and make recommendations.
  • "Your children" will take you to the parent page where you can view your children's progress.

If you are creating a Khan Academy account:

By clicking the "Teachers, start here" button when signing up, by default, you will be directed to set up a class and will receive teacher/coach related e-mails. If you click "Parents, start here", you will automatically be sent to a screen where you can create a child account or link your account to your child's existing account. However, all adult accounts have the ability to create classes and create child accounts.

Learn how to change your default homepage here. 

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