How does Khan Academy calculate time for coach reports?


There are a few different ways we calculate the time students spend on Khan Academy. One way we calculate it is by estimating Total Minutes based on content consumed (ex. watching an 8-minute video), the other is an estimate of the Time Active on site (ex. 10:30 am-11:15 am).
  • Although these two metrics are calculated differently, they are both designed to approximate the time a student spends actively learning. That means they attempt to exclude time a student may be surfing the web in another window, or changing their profile settings, but not penalize the students who may take longer to work out a problem.
  • For this reason,  we encourage you to use these calculations as a benchmark, but to be generous if students say they have been on the site for longer.  If you think either of these times is being calculated incorrectly, please let us know by submitting a Help request.

Total Minutes
  • Total Minutes is the sum of skills minutes, video minutes, and programming minutes. This, unfortunately, does not include time spent on articles or the SAT test prep section (YET!).
  • Skills minutes approximate time spent practicing in missions, exercises in the library, or skill checks.
  • Video minutes approximate the amount of time spent watching videos.
  • Programming minutes approximate the time students are watching CS talk-throughs and working on programming challenges. This does not include time spent creating or playing one-off programs or games.
  • You can view these estimates by going to your Coach dashboard, selecting a class, clicking Progress, clicking Student, selecting an individual student, and viewing their individual Activity. Under the clock icon on the left side of the screen, you can see the total time spent in the activity period. Your student each have a view of this same data (that also shows their energy points and badges earned) in their progress section of their profile.


Time Active
  • Time Active is designed to estimate when (ex. 10:30 am-11:15 am) your students were active on Khan Academy. You can find this view in your Coach dashboard, clicking the link, select a class, then click the tab Activity. This view approximates during what times your students were actively learning across all subjects on Khan Academy. In an effort to avoid students earning credit while they are surfing the web in another window, this tracker will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Your students do not have this view in their learner profile.


For more information on Khan Academy’s Coach and Student Reports, check out the resources on Khan Academy, particularly How to use the Progress tab and How to use the Activity tab, and search our Help Center.


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