Why am I doing exercises that are below my grade level in school?

    If you’re in 8th grade at school, for example, you might be doing the 8th grade exercises on Khan Academy. But not necessarily.

    Why not? Because there are a lot of topics in Khan Academy, and some of them are things that you already know. You could give the right answer quickly, without even trying hard. But the Khan Academy software doesn't know that about you. So you might find yourself answering questions that are super-easy for you. That's perfectly fine. Just keep up the good work, and you'll get to the harder exercises before too long.

    But suppose you're in the 8th grade in school, and you get stuck on a topic in Khan Academy that's from a lower grade, like 4th grade or 5th grade. You might wonder what's wrong. There's nothing wrong. Maybe you learned that topic years ago, but you've forgotten it since then. Or maybe you were absent when your teacher taught that lesson. But it doesn't really matter what the reason is. Here's what does matter: if you didn't learn it before, you need to learn it now.

    So if you work on stuff that's below the grade you're at in school, don't feel ashamed or embarrassed. In fact, you might just ignore the "grade-level" part completely. Instead, just work on whatever's next for you, and don't pay any attention to what the grade level says.

- Dennis Mills, Volunteer

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