I'm new to coaching on Khan Academy. How can I be a good coach?


Welcome to Khan Academy! It's good of you to help somebody by being their coach. Here are some guidelines to get you started on the right foot.

  1. As a coach, you need to know the learner well. If the learner is a minor, you need to know the parents well too, and be transparent with them about anything that involves their child.
  2. You should work through the Khan Academy exercises yourself as if you were learning what the people you coach are learning. That way, if they have questions about how an exercise works, you understand what they're asking because you did those exercises too.
  3. Explore the Khan Academy website. There's a lot of neat stuff here, way more than what I could tell you about in this article. So just explore. If something looks clickable, try clicking on it and see what happens. Discovering new things is fun.
  4. When you have a question, search for it in the Help Center. You're going to have questions along the way, and some of those questions are probably the same ones that lots of other people have had when they first got started. To save time, we've put answers to some of those questions in the Help Center section. 

    For more helpful information, please check out our How-To Guides for coaches!


Last updated October 11, 2017


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