Blank screen during a mastery challenge or an exercise

Some users have reported that they unexpectedly get a blank white screen where an exercise should be. Recently we've seen a new surge of these reports. A few of them have even reported that pressing the answer button will cause the problem to register as correct, even if no answer was given. 

Known Workaround:

  1. Go to Settings and turn off the "Hide visually-dependent content" option.


If refreshing the page or adjusting your Settings does not help, please send a Help request. The Help request should contain:

  1. The url to the page with the exercise
  2. A screenshot of the page - because people sometimes interpret "blank page" differently and we need to know if your problem is the same
  3. Preferably a console report

Taking a screenshot

Finding the console window





Internal ticket # 100163854799157 

Ref. ex_blank

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