Why aren’t the videos playing for me?


There may be a few reasons for this issue.  

  1. Check your bandwidth: Check to make sure your internet connection is working and can handle streaming videos. Most Khan Academy videos require less bandwidth than live-action content, but we still suggest 1.5 Mbps bandwidth per device playing standard-definition video.
  2. Check that your browser is up-to-date: If neither of those are issues, check that you are using a web browser supported by Khan Academy. Whichever browser you choose, you may want to upgrade to the most recent version.  A technical director at one school district who had reported problems with watching videos using Internet Explorer has informed us that Installing or Upgrading to IE 11 resolved his district's problems.
  3. International Problems: Finally, YouTube is currently blocked in China and Iran. However, you should be able to watch our videos from China as Khan Academy uses a different video player to show the instructional videos. You may be able to access the "KA Lite" site from Iran instead of our full site 
  4. Other: If none of the above is your problem, please submit a helpdesk ticket by following the instructions on this page


Last updated September 22, 2017

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    I have played videos on a mobile platform (android, chrome browser) for abour 4 months, but, since yesterday, suddenly, it's asking me to install adobe flash player.

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    Same here!! Now I can't play them on my Android phone or Android tablet (which I specifically bought to help me with the study and watching the khan videos)!!

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    Same problem here, seems to be a bug. Using Android 4.2 and Chrome browser. KA videos worked fine in Chrome until a couple of weeks ago. I just have problems with them, all other YouTube videos work as always using Chrome. Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome updates didn't help. KA videos still work on factory Android Browser. Please feed!

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    I'm encountering the same problem.... Can't play khan academy videos on my nexus 7 tab. Solution please!!??

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    Unable to play any videos on my android 6.0 through the khan Academy app.
    They play fine on the PC (Chrome browser)