Why did the % on my mission go down/Why did I lose mastery?


When Khan Academy adds new content to a subject, it may cause the percent of your mastery to go down, because there is newly added material that you have not yet mastered.  If the material is familiar to you, you can start earning back your percentage points quickly though Mastery Challenges.

Check the Help Center to see if the recent changes could have affected your mastery percentage! 


Update (August 15, 2016):

The Math mission is changing! You can find out more in this article.


Update (October 26, 2015):

Algebra 2 "Radical equations and functions"

Brand new exercises:

  • Solve square-root equations (basic)
  • Solve square-root equations (advanced)

Exercises that were removed:

  • Radical equations


Update (October 23, 2015):

Algebra 2 "Polynomial expressions, equations, and functions"

Brand new exercises:

  • Find the zeros of polynomials
  • Determine the end behavior of polynomials
  • Determine whether a polynomial function is even or odd from its formula

Exercises that were removed:

  • Advanced structure in expressions
  • Solutions of quadratic equations
  • The fundamental theorem of algebra
  • Graphs of polynomials

Existing exercises there were added from other topics:

  • Factor quadratics with a leading coefficient of 1
  • Factor quadratics with a leading coefficient other than 1
  • Factor polynomials using quadratic methods
  • Factor polynomials with quadratic forms
  • Factor simple special products
  • Factor differences of squares
  • Factor perfect squares
  • Factor polynomials with special product forms
  • Determine whether a function is even or odd from its graph


Update (October 22, 2015):

Algebra 1 "Quadratic equations and functions"

Brand new exercises:

  • Solve quadratic equations by using structure
  • Determine the number of solutions of a quadratic equation
  • Identify and use the different forms of quadratic functions
  • Compare properties of quadratic functions
  • Graph quadratic functions in factored form

Exercises that were removed:

  • Vertex of a parabola


Update (October 8, 2015):

3rd grade multiplication and division

We added ~20 new exercises that help students practice basic multiplication and division facts.


Update (October 6, 2015):

5th-grade place value

Brand new exercises:

  • Decimal place values
  • Value of a decimal digit
  • Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10
  • Multiplying and dividing whole numbers by 10, 100, and 1000
  • Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100, and 1000
  • Decimals in written form
  • Comparing decimals challenge
  • Rounding decimals using a number line

And most of the existing place value exercises underwent significant improvements


Update (September 28, 2015):

3rd-grade multiplication and division

Brand new exercises:

  • Multiplying with visuals
  • Dividing with visuals
  • Letters and symbols in multiplication and division equations
  • Multiplying by 0 or 1
  • Dividing by 1
  • Commutative property of multiplication
  • Associative property of multiplication
  • Distributive property of multiplication


Update (September 15, 2015):

Algebra 2 "Rational expressions, equations, and functions" topic

Brand new exercises:

  • Solve equations with one rational expression (advanced)
  • Solve equations with two rational expressions
  • Determine the end behavior of rational functions
  • Identify and analyze discontinuities of rational functions

New exercises from other topics:

  • Least common multiple

Exercises that were removed:

  • Dividing polynomials by binomials 1
  • Dividing polynomials by binomials 2
  • Dividing polynomials by binomials 3
  • Simplifying rational expressions 4
  • Multiplying and dividing rational expressions 4
  • Multiplying and dividing rational expressions 5
  • Adding and subtracting rational expressions 1
  • Adding and subtracting rational expressions 3
  • Adding and subtracting rational expressions 7
  • Extraneous solutions to rational equations

The rest of the exercises in this topic were edited.


Update (September 10, 2015):

7th-grade geometry


  • Area and circumference of parts of circles
  • Shaded areas
  • Identifying supplementary, complementary, and vertical angles
  • Finding missing angles
  • Triangle inequality theorem 


Update (September 10, 2015):

Algebra 2

A NEW topic was added! Say hello to "Arithmetic with polynomials"

Brand new exercises:

  • Divide polynomials by monomials
  • Divide polynomials by linear binomials

Exercises that were edited:

  • Divide polynomials by polynomials
  • Use the Polynomial Remainder Theorem to analyze factors of polynomials


Update (September 6, 2015):

Algebra 1

A NEW topic was added! Say hello to "Introduction to exponential functions"

Brand new exercises:

  • Construct basic exponential functions from the initial value and the common ratio
  • Construct basic exponential functions from a table or a graph
  • Graphs of basic exponential functions
  • Interpret formulas of basic exponential functions
  • Interpret graphs and tables of basic exponential functions

New exercises that were added from Algebra 2:

  • Distinguish between linear and exponential models
  • Compare end behavior of polynomial and exponential functions


Update (September 1, 2015):

Algebra 2

A NEW topic was added! Say hello to "Manipulating functions"

New exercises:

  • Evaluate composite functions from formulas
  • Evaluate composite functions from graphs and tables
  • Compose functions
  • Shift functions

Removed exercises:

  • Evaluating composite functions

Modified exercises:

  • Model situations by combining functions using arithmetic operations
  • Model situations by composing functions
  • Find inverse values of functions
  • Find inverses of polynomial, radical, and rational functions
  • Verify that two functions are inverses
  • Analyze invertible and non-invertible functions


Update (August 31, 2015):

4th grade place value

New exercises:

  • Place value blocks
  • Creating largest or smallest number
  • Multiplying and dividing by 10
  • Writing numbers in expanded form
  • Writing numbers in written form
  • Comparing multi-digit numbers
  • Rounding whole numbers 2

Modified exercises:

  • Place value introduction
  • Understanding place value
  • Understanding whole number representations
  • Rounding whole numbers 


Update (August 20, 2015):

Geometry's "Transformations" topic

New exercises:

  • Perform dilations
  • Find the dilation that maps a given figure to another (basic)
  • Find the dilation that maps a given figure to another (advanced)


Update (August 19, 2015):

Algebra 1

The topic "Exponent expressions and equations" was replaced by the topic "Expressions with rational exponents and radicals." The tutorial "Radical equations" was moved to Algebra 2.

New exercises:

  • Single-step simplification of radical expressions  


Update (August 4, 2015):

3rd-grade rounding

New exercises:

  • Rounding to the nearest 10 or 100 on the number line
  • Rounding challenge


Update (July 29, 2015):

6th-grade stats

New exercises:

  • Effects of shifting, adding, and removing a data point
  • Comparing data displays 


Update (July 12, 2015):

Early math and 3rd grade

New exercises:

  • Select strategies for adding within 100
  • Adding and subtracting within 1000 using a number line
  • Find the missing number (addition and subtraction within 1000)


Update (June 26, 2015):

Early math

New exercises:

  • Adding 1s or 10s
  • Subtracting 1s or 10s
  • Breaking apart two-digit addition problems
  • Regrouping: two-digit number plus one-digit number
  • Regrouping: two-digit number minus one-digit number
  • Find the missing number (addition and subtraction within 100)
  • Breaking apart three-digit addition problems


Update (June 17, 2015):

Algebra 1

"Multiplying and factoring expressions" was renamed to "Introduction to polynomials and quadratic factorization."

New exercises:

  • Adding and subtracting polynomials with two variables
  • Multiplying monomials by monomials
  • Multiplying monomials by polynomials
  • Finding special products of binomials (advanced)
  • Factors and divisibility
  • Factoring monomials
  • Factoring polynomials by taking a common factor
  • Factoring perfect squares

Exercises that were removed:

  • Factoring algebraic expressions using the distributive property

Existing exercises that were added to the topic:

  • Greatest common factor


Update (June 10, 2015):

Algebra 2

Removed the "Partial fraction expansion" tutorial

Added the "Direct and inverse variation" tutorial


Added the "Partial fraction expansion" tutorial

Algebra 1

Removed the "Ratios and proportions" topic, except for "Rational and irrational numbers"


Update (June 2, 2015):

7th-grade rates and proportional relationships

New exercises:

  • Identifying proportional relationships with graphs
  • Writing proportional equations
  • Interpreting graphs of proportional relationships

Renamed exercises:

  • Rate problems with fractions (old name: Rate problems 1)
  • Identifying proportional relationships (old name: Analyzing and identifying proportional relationships
  • Solving proportions (old name: Proportions 1)
  • Proportion word problems (old name: Constructing proportions to solve application word problems)

Removed exercises:

  • Rate problems 2 (not needed in 7th grade)
  • Constructing and comparing proportional relationships (deemed poor student experience)


Update (May 28, 2015):

Two variable linear-inequalities

New exercises:

  • Checking solutions to two-variable linear inequalities
  • Checking solutions to systems of inequalities
  • System of inequalities word problems

All of the existing linear inequalities exercises were moved from the "Systems of equations" topic to this new topic.


Update (May 19, 2015):

5th-grade fractions

New exercises:

  • Understanding fractions as division word problems
  • Dividing fractions by whole numbers introduction
  • Dividing whole numbers by unit fractions introduction 


Update (May 18, 2015):

6th-grade ratios, rates, and percentages

Added these exercises:

  • Comparing rates
  • Converting between fractions and percents 


Update (May 13, 2015):

7th-grade expressions, equations, and inequalities (formerly "variables and expressions")

Added these exercises:

  • Factoring with the distributive property
  • Equivalent expressions with negative numbers and the distributive property
  • Two-step equations with decimals and fractions
  • Find the mistake in solving two-step equations 


Update (May 3, 2015):

Algebra 1, Introduction to Algebra

Added an exercise:

  • Units


Update (Apr 30, 2015):

Early math place value

Removed exercises:

  • Teen numbers 2
  • Teen numbers 3 


Update (Apr 29, 2015):

4th-grade fractions

New Exercises:

- Comparing decimals and fractions
- Comparing decimals visually
- Fraction-decimal intuition
- Understanding place value for decimals greater than one
- Decimals in words
- Decimals intuition with grids

Renamed exercises:

Fractions as division by 10 or 100 --> Rewriting fractions as decimals
Converting decimals to fractions 1 --> Rewriting decimals as fractions 


Update (Apr 27, 2015):

4th-grade fractions

New exercises:

- Different wholes
- Adding and subtracting mixed numbers with like denominators 2
- Multiplying fractions and whole numbers intuition
- Multiplying unit fractions and whole numbers
- Equivalent fractions with denominators of 10 and 100 intuition
- Equivalent fractions with denominators of 10 and 100
- Decompose fractions with denominators of 100

Name changes:

- Equivalent fractions introduction --> Equivalent fractions introduction (Exercise overhauled. Simplified items so it's a more appropriate introductory exercise. Will be running tests to evaluate the design of these items.)
- Understanding multiplying fractions and whole numbers --> Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers: Equivalent Expressions


Update (Apr 24, 2015):

6th-grade variables, expressions, equations, and inequalities


- Powers of fractions
- Evaluating expressions in two variables 2 (includes rational numbers)
- Expression value intuition
- Writing expressions with variables 1
- Distribute property with variables
- Combining like terms with distribution
- One-step equations with addition and subtraction 2
- One-step multiplication and division equations 2
- Find the mistake in solving one-step equations
- Testing solutions of inequalities

Removed exercises (beyond grade level):

- Writing expressions with exponents
- Evaluating exponent expression word problems
- Writing expressions with exponents word problems


Update (Apr 22, 2015):

6th-grade arithmetic operations

Removed exercises (but they still exist in 5th grade):

- Division by 2 digits
- Dividing completely
- Dividing fractions by whole numbers
- Dividing whole numbers by fractions
- Division with fractions and whole numbers word problems
- Understanding dividing fractions by fractions
- Dividing fractions by fractions and whole numbers applications


Update (Apr 21, 2015):

4th-grade fractions

New exercises:

- Different wholes
- Visually comparing fractions 2

Algebra 1 Sequences (NEW TOPIC) / Precalculus Sequences

New exercises:

- Evaluating sequences in recursive form
- Explicit formulas for arithmetic sequences
- Recursive formulas for arithmetic sequences
- Recursive formulas for geometric sequences

Existing exercises that are new to Algebra 1:

- Evaluating arithmetic sequences
- Evaluating geometric sequences
- Explicit formulas for geometric sequences
- Modeling with sequences

Algebra 1 Systems of equations

New exercise:

- Checking solutions to systems of equations

Removed exercises:

- Systems with one, zero, or infinite solutions
- Systems of equations word problems

Algebra 1 Functions

New exercise:

- Matching inputs to function outputs


Update (Apr 18, 2015):

Algebra 1 Two-variable linear equations and introduction to functions

Completely new exercises that were added:

  1. Intercepts from a table
  2. Interpreting linear tables word problems

Existing exercises that were added to the topic:

  1. Evaluating function expressions
  2. Interpreting function notation in context


Update (Apr 15, 2015):

Algebra 1 Functions

Exercises added:

  1. Interpreting function notation in context
  2. Domain of algebraic functions
  3. Domain of modeling functions
  4. Evaluating piecewise functions
  5. Domain and range of piecewise functions
  6. Recognizing maxima and minima
  7. Increasing and decreasing intervals
  8. Average rate of change word problems

Exercises relocated to other topics/missions:

  1. Interpreting graphs of linear and nonlinear functions
  2. Domain of a function
  3. Range of a function
  4. Direct and inverse variation
  5. New operator definitions 1
  6. New operator definitions 2
  7. Understanding linear and exponential models
  8. Modeling with one-variable equations and inequalities


Update (Mar 26, 2015):

3rd grade fractions

Exercises added:

  1. That's not fair!
  2. Writing fractions as whole numbers
  3. Visually comparing fractions


Update (Mar 25, 2015):

8th-grade numbers and operations

Exercises added:

  1. Equations with square and cube roots
  2. Square and cube roots of decimals and fractions
  3. More square and cube root problems
  4. Classifying numbers
  5. Approximating square roots
  6. Approximating irrational numbers without a calculator
  7. Approximating with orders of magnitude
  8. Adding and subtracting in scientific notation

Exercises removed from 8th grade:

  1. Converting decimals to fractions 2
  2. Whole number exponents with integer bases 2


Update (Mar 20, 2015):

7th-grade negative numbers

Exercises added:

  1. Dividing mixed numbers
  2. Exponents with negative fractional bases


Update (Mar 3, 2015):

7th-grade negative numbers

One exercise added: "Multiplying and dividing negative numbers: word problems".


Update (Feb 26, 2015):

6th and 7th grade combining like terms

Renamed and removed old "Combining like terms" exercise from 6th grade. It had negative coefficients inappropriate for 6th grade. It now exists only in 7th grade and is named "Combining like terms with negative coefficients".

Added new "Combining like terms" exercise to 6th grade that's limited to positive coefficients.


Update (Feb 17, 2015):

7th Grade Mission 

Note that exercise names are followed by unique URL identifiers in parenthesis. While the names of exercises may change, these identifiers will not.

15 exercises were added:

  1. Signs of sums (signs-of-sums)
  2. Integer addition and subtraction: find the missing value (integer-addition-and-subtraction)
  3. Adding negative numbers on the number line (adding-negative-numbers-on-the-number-line)
  4. Integer addition and subtraction: equations and number lines (negative-number-addition-and-subtraction--equations-and-number-lines)
  5. Negative number addition and subtraction: interpretation problems (negative-number-addition-and-subtraction--interpretation-problems)
  6. Absolute value to find distance (absolute-value-to-find-distance)
  7. Integer addition and subtraction (integer-addition-and-subtraction-2)
  8. Negative number addition and subtraction: equivalent expressions (negative-number-addition-and-subtraction-equivalent-expressions)
  9. Negative signs in numerators and denominators (negative-signs-in-numerators-and-denominators)
  10. Sign rules for multiplication and division (sign-rules-for-multiplication-and-division)
  11. Properties of multiplication with negative numbers (properties-of-multiplication-with-negative-numbers)
  12. Complex fractions (complex-fractions)
  13. Comparing rational numbers (comparing-rational-numbers)
  14. Identifying whole, integer, and rational numbers (identifying-whole--integer--and-rational-numbers)
  15. Making inferences from sample items (making-inferences-from-random-samples)

9 exercises were updated:

  1. Adding negative numbers (adding_negative_numbers)
  2. Subtracting negative numbers (adding_and_subtracting_negative_numbers)
  3. Integer addition and subtraction: number line interpretation (understanding-addition-and-subtraction-on-the-number-line)
  4. Negative number addition and subtraction: word problems (adding-negative-numbers-word-problems)
  5. Absolute value to find distance 2 (constructing-and-interpreting-absolute-value)
  6. Understanding negative number addition and subtraction with variables: challenge problems (understanding-addition-and-subtraction-with-negative-numbers)
  7. Whole number exponents with integer bases (exponents_1.5)
  8. Divide by zero (dividing-integers)
  9. Signs of products and quotients (multiply-and-divide-rational-numbers)

1 exercise was removed:

  1. Operations with rational numbers (operations-with-rational-numbers)


Update (Feb 9, 2015):

3rd Grade Mission 

5 exercises were added:

  1. Creating bar charts
  2. Reading bar charts 1
  3. Reading bar charts 2
  4. Reading pictographs 1
  5. Reading pictographs 2


6th Grade Mission 

7 exercises were added:

  1. Rational numbers on the number line
  2. Number opposites 2
  3. Ordering rational numbers
  4. Comparing absolute values 2
  5. Points on the coordinate plane
  6. Graphing points and naming quadrants
  7. Distance between points on the coordinate plane

Also, Interpreting absolute value and Sorting absolute value word problems were merged into one exercise


Geometry Mission 

11 new transformations exercises were added:

  1. Performing translations
  2. Performing rotations
  3. Performing reflections
  4. Defining translations (interactive)
  5. Translations
  6. Defining rotations (interactive)
  7. Rotations 1
  8. Rotations 2
  9. Defining reflections (interactive)
  10. Reflections 1
  11. Reflections 2

5 exercises were removed:

  1. Quantitatively defining rigid transformations
  2. Transforming polygons
  3. Performing transformations on the coordinate plane
  4. Translations of polygons
  5. Rotations of polygons
Algebra I Mission

28 skills were removed in the "Two-variable linear equations and introduction to functions" topic:
  • 10 skills were coordinate plane or rates/proportional relationships exercises that appear in earlier grades
  • 6 of them are now (or were already) in the "Analytic geometry" tutorial in geometry
  • 12 were actual algebra exercises removed in favor of replacing them with a newer, better set (13 new skills)
13 new skills were added:
  1. Constructing linear functions word problems
  2. Writing the equation of a line in any form
  3. Slope-intercept equation from two points
  4. Writing function rules from equations
  5. Graphing linear functions word problems
  6. Graphing solutions to two-variable linear equations
  7. Slope from a graph
  8. Slope from an equation in slope-intercept form
  9. Graph from slope-intercept equation
  10. Slope from two points
  11. Slope from an equation in standard form
  12. Graph from a standard form equation
  13. Slope-intercept equation from a graph


Update (Jan 9, 2015):

On or about Jan 9, 2015, two skills were removed from the Geometry mission.


Update (Dec 29, 2014):

On or about Dec 29, 2014, additions were made to the 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade missions.

1 skill was added to 3rd grade:

  1. Comparing fractions with the same numerator or denominator

1 skill was added to 6th grade:

  1. Surface area

2 skills were added to 7th grade:

  1. Writing fractions as repeating decimals
  2. Rate problems 2

1 skill was added to 8th grade:

  1. Interpreting linear relationships


Update (Dec 12, 2014):

On or about Dec 12, 2014, the 6th-grade mission was modified.

17 skills were added: 

  1. Calculating the interquartile range (IQR)
  2. Calculating the mean
  3. Calculating the mean absolute deviation (MAD)
  4. Calculating the mean from various data displays
  5. Calculating the median
  6. Calculating the median from data displays
  7. "Clusters, gaps, peaks, and outliers"
  8. Creating box plots 2
  9. Creating dot plots
  10. Creating frequency tables
  11. Creating histograms
  12. Data set warm-up
  13. Find a missing value given the mean
  14. Interpreting quartiles
  15. Median and range puzzlers
  16. Reading histograms
  17. Shape of distributions

3 were removed:

  1. Comparing the center and spread of data distributions
  2. Describing the shape of data distributions
  3. Understanding the mean


Update (Sept 27, 2014):

On or about Sept 23, 2014 there were new skills added to Fourth Grade (1 skill), Fifth Grade (2 skills), Sixth Grade (2 skills), and Seventh Grade (2 skills). Additionally, the PreAlgebra Mission no longer shows Mission Foundations.  For review of material before PreAlgebra, consider the Arithmetic Mission.

Update (Sept 18, 2014):

On or about Sept 18, 2014, there were new skills added to Third Grade (1 skill), Fourth Grade (2 skills), Fifth Grade (4 skills), Sixth Grade (2 skills), and Pre-Algebra (1 skill).

Update (Sept 13, 2014):

On or about Sept 12, 2014, approximately 4 new skills were added resulting in a minor drop in percentages for low-level missions.  Our volunteer found drops in percentages in Early Math, 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade.

Update (Aug 25, 2014):

Over the last weekend, some skills shifted Mission.  This could result in changes of percentage Mastered. Check your skills for your particular mission to see if you've had a change in level, rather than rely on the percentage to indicate losing skills.  Many of the skills which have been removed from Missions are lower level Mission Foundation skills, so users who mastered a large percentage of the skills that have been moved will see a reduction in percentage completed.


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