How can I find my username or any of my students' usernames?


If you are logged in, you can find your username on your profile. For more information about your profile, visit the "How can I edit my profile?" article.

In addition, the address for your profile contains your username. For example, if the address is ( - your username is cid5

To find the username for any student you are coaching, follow these directions:

  • Click your name at the top right of the screen. A menu will open.
  • Click Your students to access your Coach Dashboard.
  • Click Manage Class or Manage Students.
  • Click the name of the appropriate student.
  • The student’s profile will appear. If the student has a username, it will appear at the top of his/her profile after the @ symbol.
  • Additionally, the address for this profile contains the student’s username. 



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