Do you have content for non-Common Core users?

As you may know, Khan Academy is used in all 50 states and all over the world. Our mission to provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere, and our math content stretches from basic arithmetic through calculus. Many schools that have adopted the Common Core utilize Khan Academy, but this is just one way of many to use our free resources. By combining top-notch math materials and a commitment to personalized education, Khan Academy empowers all students to take ownership of their own learning, regardless of their curriculum.

While we've recently added grade-level missions aligned to the Common Core, we’ve also kept our original topic-based missions, including "The World of Math," “Arithmetic," and "Pre-algebra." Many of our users outside Common Core states are continuing to use these missions with great success.

Due to the small size of our content team, we don't currently have the resources to pursue a curriculum alignment with non-Common Core standards. However, many schools that don't use the Common Core (including both U.S. schools and those outside the U.S.) have found this spreadsheet (especially the "exercises" tab) helpful in creating their own curriculum alignment documents. 

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