Can students remove recommendations?

We created a way for students to delete tasks on their dashboard because we got a lot of feedback from students and teachers that their dashboards were often cluttered with irrelevant tasks--including both KA recommendations and coach recommendations.

When a student deletes a coach recommendation, it disappears from the student's dashboard--but the system also tells them that their coach will be notified.

As a coach, you can see when a student has rejected a recommendation on your Student Progress report--but you also have the immediate ability to either accept the rejection by clicking DISMISS or re-recommend it by clicking RECOMMEND AGAIN.

Here's our advice to teachers with regard to this feature:

1) If you have a lot of old recommendations still out, have students use this feature to delete the ones that are no longer relevant so that they can focus on the top 3-5 that are critical.  This will be helpful to students and teachers.

2) This is an opportunity for teachers and students to have a good conversation about accountability. If students ever decline recommendations, teachers will ALWAYS be notified. In some cases, like the one above, this behavior might be fine. In other situations (such as students revolting), this behavior is documented within Coach Reports, and there may be certain consequences associated with it.

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