How do I access all of the videos, exercises and articles for a subject?

For ease the material under a subject or class is divided into topics. In order to see all videos, exercises and articles for a topic, you can click on your topic of choice for that subject or class. 

Most subjects are only divided into topics.

Example: Subject is Music, topic of choice is "Instruments of the orchestra", click the text "Instruments of the orchestra".

This will display the entire list of videos, exercises and articles under your selected topic.


Some math subjects are subdivided into both topics and into classes. The content in a class also has topics, which are accessed from the Classes page. For the purpose of this article these are called class topics.

Example: Subject is Algebra, Algebra has several "Classes". Click on Classes.


Then select the class and class topic. There are two ways of doing this.

Example A: Subject Algebra, Class "Pre-algebra", click the class topic text [Factors and multiples].

(On the actual page, scrolling down would reveal more classes with their class topics.)

Example B: Instead of selecting the class topic directly, it is also possible to get to the class mission "Pre-algebra" by clicking the class "Pre-algebra" and then select the class topic.


When you've selected class topic, you'll see a contents list.


 (On the actual page you would be able to scroll and navigate with the Content menu.)

 Nov. 1st 2016



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