How can I help volunteer regularly?


We currently support a few volunteer programs that you can apply for: translating content, moderating site comments, and helping out in the Support Community.  Additionally, here are some ways to share Khan Academy with your community:


Host an event

The best part of Khan Academy is the community that grows from learning together.  Share the joy of learning together by hosting or attending an event. Check out the ideas below to inspire your own group!

Chew on this

Bring friends together, share your favorite snacks, and introduce them to Khan Academy. If the weather's nice, host it outdoors!  If it’s successful, turn it into a regular learning club and pick a new lesson or topic to explore together on Khan Academy.  

*Variants: replace “snacks” with “dinner” or “coffee” or “dessert”...or pretty much any food.  You might say, it’s a learning club with an eating emphasis.


Book Club

Love to read? Encourage your friends to read a book on education and then gather together to share your learnings! Sal’s book, One World Schoolhouse, is perfect to start with.


Love to Learn club

Schedule a regular meeting time. Invite folks who want to learn. Pick a new skill or topic to learn together. Share notes and tips. Enjoy!

Variant: Volunteer at your local library or community center and share Khan Academy as a helpful supplemental resource.  Or if there isn’t a program, start a Love to Learn club at a local community space.


Coaching meet-ups

Know someone in your life or community who might benefit from Khan Academy? Support their progress by signing up for a KA account, and then having them add you as their coach. 


Last updated October 12, 2017




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    I am interested in joining/creating a local assessment team. How do I go about that?