Why didn't I receive the badge that I earned?


Sometimes there are issues around people not receiving badges they have earned. Here's a list of some common badges:

  • Fact checker badge: Currently there is a problem with the tool for awarding this badge. If you have earned it (and this has been confirmed by an employee) please send a report so we can put you on a list of users who will be given the badge as soon as the tool works again.
  • Badges for earning points (eg. Ten to the Fourth, Ten to the Fifth, Five Times Ten to the Fifth and Millionaire): This seems to be awarded late if a user goes over the point threshold by earning a badge that awards points (such as Magellan or other badges for Mastering a number of skills).  It appears this is a result of the order in which Khan Academy checks for badges earned.  It can be disappointing to get a point earning badge that puts you over, but not get the badge for earning the points, particularly for the coveted Millionaire badge.  However, a work-around that seems to fix this is to do another task.  Please try doing another task before submitting a report.  
  • Badges for length of membership:  You will see your membership rounded to the nearest number of years on your settings page.  Most commonly when someone reports that one of these badges has not been received, they will not have hit their anniversary date yet.  If you send a report, it is important that you send the username of the account.  
  • Badges for Mastery:  We have seen reports where a student has gotten a notification of a number of skills to get the next Mastery badge which disappears after student has Mastered those number of skills, but the badge does not get awarded.  Most often this happens when the total number of skills mastered includes skills which are no longer part of Missions.  Before sending a report, please check your World of Math statistics to see that it shows the appropriate number of skills and attach a screenshot showing this to your report.
  • Badges on multimillionaire accounts: Users who have a large number of points and badges may experience a badge limit in the database.

We have seen this happen and Khan Academy is aware of this problem occurring for users.

If you believe you should have received a badge and have not received it, please try the steps listed above and use the Report a problem button in the Help Center and send a Help request if the steps do not work. Make sure to include:

  1. The username for the account
  2. The name of the badge you believe you should have received
  3. Screenshots showing that you have not received the badge and which indicate that you have completed the requirements  


Last updated October 9, 2017

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