How can I or my organization partner with Khan Academy to create content?

We receive a lot of requests to add content to Khan Academy. Unfortunately we can't add all of them due to the fact that our team is small so we can't vet all resources that want to be added. We'll reach out to you if we think you'd be a good addition of content to our website at this time and as we grow we hope to be able to respond to more and more of your requests.

Instead of sending a request to the Help Desk, please direct your inquiries to


In addition, if you're a user and have a request or new ideas for content you want to see, post to the content request/feedback page in the help center! Khan Academy is always looking for ways to improve, and the best way to get your idea visibility is by posting in the help center. You can find a link to the "Help center" at the bottom of your dashboard, under "Support".


Updated Feb 22, 2016


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