How do I enter math symbols in an exercise?


While some exercises have a tool that lets you click on a symbol, sometimes there are a limited number of symbols available in the entry form, sometimes there is no form and the instructions on typing mathematics are not currently available.


Here's the breakdown on how to enter some common symbols:


Type * or shift-8 on an American keyboard.  Example: 3 times 4 is 3*4.


Use / for division.  For example, 3 fourths are entered as 3/4.  If you have any operations in the numerator or denominator, surround this with parentheses.  For example, 12 divided by 5n would be entered as 12/(5n) and the quantity of n plus 3 all divided by 6 would be entered as (n+3)/6.

Square root

SQRT, for example, to enter the square root of 3, type " sqrt(3) ".

Cube roots (and other non-square roots): (see fractional exponents.)


Sorry, there is no pie button. Although, I'd love one that creates strawberry rhubarb pie. (see pi)


(This is for the number approximately equal to 22/7 or 3.14) Type " pi ".


(This is a Greek letter that looks like a 0 with a horizontal line in the center) Type " theta ".

Powers or exponents

Use the ^ symbol, also known as a caret.  For example, to enter 4 to the 5th power, type " 4^5 ".  

Fractional exponents

Use the ^ symbol and put the fraction in parentheses.  For example, to enter the cube root of x or x to the 1/3 power type " x^(1/3) "

Greater than or equal to

Type " >= "

Less than or equal to

Type " <= "


For base 10 logarithms, enter " log(x) " where x is the number.  For natural logarithms enter " ln(x) ".

Logarithms with bases other than 10

A popup box should appear when the cursor is in the answer box. If this does not happen, you should be able to enter your answer as " log_b(n) ", where b is the base and n is the number.


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