I'm interested in becoming a Guardian (site moderator). What exactly does this entail?


Guardians Should:
  • Regularly review, take action on, and empty the flagged content at
    • Any posts with a flag count at our safety threshold (3 flags) will be immediately hidden until examined by a moderator.
    • Our automated "low quality detection" system hides posts marking them with 3 flags. The system is not perfect, and we're needed to fish out valid posts.
    • If a post has legit flags, delete the post. Guardian-deleted content is recoverable.
    • If a post is ok, clear the flags/mark it "approved".
  • Move questions that are in the comments section to the questions section and vice versa. If a post is both in the wrong category and very low quality, it can simply be deleted.
  • Encourage users to move any problem reports, webapp and video suggestions, to the issue tracker until we have a way of tracking them separately in the discussion system. If the person has written a question, you can post an answer to direct them and then delete their question, which will hide it from the community.
  • Edit content when necessary. If a post is useful but in all caps or has spelling mistakes or a dozen question marks, we correct it. If it is useful but asking for votes, we remove the part that asks for votes. You can also reword questions to make them better.
  • Generally keep an eye out for wanted or unwanted behavioral trends so we can adjust the software to support our desired type of community.
  • Send a message (via a user's profile) to users who have been participating in discussion but have made off-topic posts, such as chit-chat, repeated vote/badge seeking, or homework questions.

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