How can I help contribute to the Khan Academy Support Community?


We can always use more helpful folks answering peoples' questions and offering tips on using Khan Academy in our Support Community!

Additionally - we've recently kicked off the Support Advocate program, which is a new initiative designed to connect active Khan Academy members with people who could use their help.  The goal is for everyone needing help to be able to find it from other users in Khan Academy Support Community.

This is a brand new program, with some logistical details still being finalized, so right now we’re looking for people eager to help us figure out the best way to build it out. If you know that you prefer more structure for your activities, it might be better to hold off joining for a couple months while we iron out the details.  In the meantime, you can keep answering people in the Support Community as you see opportunities, and build up your experience there.

  • Background: Right now we have an active Support Community, where users post requests for help, as well as ideas for product + content improvements.  We don’t currently have a reliable system in place to make sure these items are being triaged and answered effectively, which is what this program aims to solve.  
  • Goal: Leverage the passion and knowledge of the Khan Academy community to provide peer support for users seeking help.


Qualities we’re looking for in Support Advocates

  • The desire to help others: Above all, this role is about helping others achieve their learning goals.  People come to Khan Academy for a number of different reasons, and it’s up to us to help them find what they need.
  • Passion:  for Khan Academy’s mission to improve access to high-quality education
  • Experience with the Support Community and Khan Academy: or you at least have the skills to find answers to the things you don’t know
  • Patience and empathy: Taking the time to listen and truly understand someone’s problem creates the most valuable experience - even if we’re not able to ultimately fix their issue.


Responsibilities for Support Advocates

  • Answer community questions about navigating the site
  • Offer advice and tips about the ways to get the most out of Khan Academy
  • Escalate new technical issues to the Khan Academy team
  • Escalate popular or particularly insightful ideas


Interested in getting involved?  Apply here!


Last updated October 12, 2017


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