Correct amount of activity is not registered in student's progress (typically only delayed)

This complaint is often reported as "I'm not getting any points for activity", or "I'm only seeing some of my activities", or "I cannot see what my student is doing". By the time Help desk volunteers start looking into the cases, most have resolved already. This is because these complaints are often due to a bug where parts of the Khan Academy database is not updated as quickly as it should be.

Help desk has received reports from several coaches and a few students that

  • there is a delay before the activity reports are updated (up to a full day)
  • the coach report shows less activity than the student activity does, or
  • the student's activity report shows less activity that the coach report does

The problem may affect one or several students in a class. Often the issue is poorly reproducible: some exercises and videos may register normally and others be delayed.

The technical team has been alerted to the problem. Good quality Help request reports are wanted. These should contain:

  • A list of the different activities (exercise name, video name or url, or mastery challenge), points awarded and time actually spent
  • Screenshot of user's activity report
  • Screenshot of coach's student activity report (if user has coach)
  • Screenshot of user's activity as seen next day
  • Screenshot of coach's student activity report (if user has coach)
  • User's browser and device if the report is sent by the coach

If this is a persistent problem we would like to have an extended report with a screenshot of the Console window.

If you do not know how to get a screenshot or find the Console Window Help desk please look up the articles 

Taking a screenshot

Finding the console window


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Ref. dataloss_just_delayed


Original Oct. 10th 2014

last updated Febl. 18th 2016


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