Which sites/domains do I whitelist so my students can access all of Khan Academy?

Many students and a few teachers and parents who try to contact the Help center never get a confirmation message. If this has happened to you, your email is either restricted, or you have made a spelling mistake when entering your email address. This article deals with restrictions. In case the email address was misspelled you'll need to write a new Help request with the correct address to receive an answer.


Our students have email addresses, but can only receive emails from approved domains. Which domains do I need to add as exceptions for our students to receive emails from Khan Academy?

A: (a variety of senders within that domain) to be able to log into the Help center and send Help requests



I'd like to whitelist (remove viewing restriction to) the Khan Academy website so that all the material is available to my students. Which domains should I allow access to?


Please note that if your students log in via Google or Facebook you also need to whitelist the url's for the respective login pages (for Google the app engine).

Original Nov. 11th. 2014

Last changed Feb. 1st 2016

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