Users see spinning squares when trying to load an exercise

We have seen some Help requests about math exercises that are stuck. The page will not load. Instead the user sees the "spinning squares" in the area which should have held the math problem.

If this should happen to you, please try to refresh the page. You should also try to change your browser to see if it makes a difference. If refreshing does not help please send an error report containing

  • the url to the page
  • information about which math skill you are on
  • information about which browsers you've tried

Apart from refreshing, some users have been helped by going to and completing a mission if they were on a specific mission, or trying the specific mission if they were working on All of Math.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Ref. ex_noload_spinsquare

Original March 31st 2015

Last updated August 23 2016

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