Create accounts for students without email

If you have students who do not have email addresses, you can create accounts for them as described below.

  1. Log in to your account and go to your coach dashboard.

  2. You will see your classes listed. For the class that you wish to add students to, click "Manage Class" in this box.  (Otherwise, click "Add a class" to create your new class.)

  3. Click the green "Add new students" button on the right.

  4. Then, under the heading For students without email select "Create accounts." 

  5. Start typing in a preferred username for your student, and we'll generate a unique username for them.  For your students' privacy, do not include any personally identifiable information (e.g. do not include both the first and last names)

  6. Here's an example of how this works. To continue entering names, simply press the ENTER key or click the "Add" button below.

    You can delete rows with either your backspace key or by clicking the "X" button on the right side.

  7. Once you have generated usernames for your students, click "Next." 

  8. Random passwords are automatically generated for each of your students, but feel free to change it to something a little easier to remember. 

    Assigning parent email addresses to your students is optional - this allows parents to view their child's progress.

  9. Once you are all set, click "Create accounts" to create the accounts and add them to your class.
  10. You can now print out your newly created accounts for your students!

    Make sure you have multiple copies of students' usernames and passwords, and keep at least one handy in a safe place. You will not be offered the option of seeing or printing the list again. If the student is not linked to a parent account and they lose their login information, it will be difficult and very time consuming to retrieve their information.



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