I’m having problems with the Khan Academy iPad app

While iPads can be used successfully with the majority of the Khan Academy content, this device is not fully compatible with the KA web site. According to the article Device consideration

The iPad app gives "good support for Khan Academy videos and most exercises", and "some interactive Khan Academy content, including coach reports, is harder to user or unavailable." 

If you are experiencing issues with your iPad, the most recent official iPad app, and

  • Writing the percentage sign
  • Writing a fraction
  • Graphical exercises involving moving dots
  • The Javascript coding material, except for the drag and drop Hour of code material
  • Pixar exercises
  • Making/receiving recommendations
  • Inability to edit your profile
  • Sending error reports from underneath the videos

Your issues are most likely due to poorly supported or unsupported functionality. Please write in our Mobile Khan Academy forum, in the Help center, instead of filing a bug report (here is the link). These issues should only be reported as bugs if you know the functionality used to be available on an iPad. 

Some of the problems can be worked around by using your iPad without the app, just an ordinary browser.

If you see a different iPad problem from the ones above, we would like to have your report. 


Original June 8th 2015

Last updated September 7 2016

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