Edit your child's settings

If your child is under age 13, you can change your child's

  • Unique username
  • Gender
  • Primary language
  • Sound effect settings.
  • Video auto-continue settings
  • Ability to add other coaches
  • Time accommodation for SAT practice tests

You can also use the settings page to

  • Hide visually dependent content
  • Permanently delete your child's Khan Academy account.
  1. Log into your own Khan Academy account and click your name at the top right. A menu will open.
  2. Click “Settings
  3. Scroll down to  Child accounts and click “Settings” for the child whose settings you want to change.

FindChildSettings.png(Names have been grayed out for privacy reasons.)


Make changes as needed in any of the following sections:

  • Basics
    • Username: Your child will use this name to log in to Khan Academy. It’s also the name that will show up on your parent homepage. 
    • Gender: This information is optional.
    • Primary language: We’ll show your child content in this language.
    • Sound effects: Choose whether you’d like your child to hear celebratory sounds when they achieve something
    • Video autocontinue: Choose whether you'd like the next video to automatically start playing after watching the last one.

The child's birthday cannot be changed from the parent account. If the birthday is not correct, please send a Help request by using the Report a problem button in the Help center.

  • Password: Change your child’s password.
  • Coaches: Choose whether your child can add other coaches.
  • SAT extended time accommodation: Choose whether to let the child practice with extended time.
  • Accessibility: Choose "Hide visually dependent content" to hide content that requires mouse interaction with the screen.
  • Delete account: Permanently delete your child’s account.

    Note: On a child account there is no option to connect to

If your child is 13 or over, they can edit their own settings.





Last updated August 25th 2017

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