See your child's profile

Your child's profile shows their unique username, coaches, and accomplishments.

If your child is under age 13, only you, your child, and your child's other coaches will be able to see your child's profile. You can learn more about how Khan Academy protects students under age 13  here.

  1. Once you are logged in to your Khan Academy account, click your name at the top right. A menu will open.
  2. Click “Your children.”
  3. Select a child and click “View summary.”
  4. Your child’s summary will appear. Click “View profile.”

  5. Scroll up to see your child’s unique username
    • You can find instructions for editing this username here.
  6. Switch to a different tab to see different information.
    • Badges shows the badges your child has already earned as well as the badges they can earn in the future.
    • Programs shows the programs your child has created with our computer programming curriculum.
    • Progress shows information about what your child has learned on Khan Academy.
    • On the Coaches tab, you can…
      • See a list of your child’s current coaches
      • Choose whether your child is able to add other coaches.

Download these instructions as a PDF: See your child's profile.


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