Change a class's mission

Once you have created a class in Khan Academy, you might want to recommend a default mission for all of your students in the class. In addition, your reports for this class will automatically show students’ progress through this mission.

  1. Log into your account. Select your username at the top right and click “Your students.” This will lead you to your coach dashboard.

  2. Click “Manage Class.”

  3. Your class list will open. Click the mission icon at the top left to open a menu like the one on the next page.

  4. Click the mission you want to select for this class.

The next time the students in this class log in, they will see a notification at the top right of their screen. When a student clicks the notification icon, they’ll see the mission you’ve chosen for their class. They will have the choice to either start the mission or ignore your recommendation.

Note: In order for your students to get started on a mission, you do not need to recommend it to them. They are free to use the “Subjects” menu at the top to start a math mission, and they can be in multiple missions at the same time!


Download these instructions as a PDF: Change class mission.


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