What resources (images, scripts, etc.) can I bring into webpages that I make on Khan Academy?


We restrict the resources that user-created webpages can bring in for security and moderation reasons. Specifically:

  • Webpages can bring in images from Khan Academy static servers, and Wikipedia. The webpages should attribute images properly, like using CC licenses for Wikipedia images.
  • Webpages can bring in CSS and font files from Google Web Fonts and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Webpages can bring in sounds/videos from Khan Academy static servers.
  • Webpages can bring in JavaScript files from, Google hosted libraries, and cdnJS.


The resources must all come in over SSL, so the URLs should start with https://. Remember to check your developer console for errors if you're having trouble bringing in any of those resources.


Last updated October 25, 2017

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