“Tooltips” are blocking the question, how do I remove them?

Sometimes  the Tooltips pop-up blocks part of a question or even the answering field.

There is an easy way to remove it. Just toggle the scratchpad on/off.This is done by pressing Show scratchpad/Hide scratchpad below the question window on the left. If you have used the scratchpad for calculations, turning it off will remove your notes. Therefore it is best to read the Tooltips first, then remove it, before you start answering an exercise.

Examples of Tooltips covering important information:


If you see that the Tooltips rectangle covers information that might interfere with the understanding of a question, or answering the question, please let us know. Ideally this should be reported on the exercise page (the "Report a mistake in this question" link). If that is not possible, your Help request should contain

  • the url to the question page
  • a screenshot of the issue.


Thank you for helping to improve Khan Academy.

Ref. ex_cover_tooltips


Original September 11th 2015

Last updated Feb. 16.2016

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