I accidentally made a child account; how do I change it to an adult or teacher account?


We've had several cases where teachers have mistyped the birth date during account creation/confirmation, or not wished to give their real birthdate, and suddenly found themselves with child accounts. Users cannot change their own birthdays.

Instead of adding a parent and remaining on a restricted account, please send a Help request from the email associated with the account. 

Note: The Help request should contain a detailed description of the problem and the birthdate that should have been used. When sending in the request, you will be asked to select which type of problem you are reporting; please choose I'm having an issue managing my account.


Before making a birthday change, we need to verify that the user requesting the change is a teacher at the school. 

  • If the email address associated with the Khan Academy account is also found on the school website for staff, a link to the school's Homepage and staff will be sufficient.
  • If the email address on the Khan Academy account does not match one on the staff page, we may need a confirmation sent from the email of a teacher whose address does appear on the staff page. 
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