How can I track my progress/my student’s progress on SAT prep?

Khan Academy has recently updated the interface with SAT material to provide more information to students and teachers.  There is more work to be done and staff are looking at providing users with the needed information.

Currently, teachers and students can see that work has been done from the activity tab under progress:

Note: you will need to hover over the day/time to see the points earned.

There are no bars indicating how much time has been spent nor is there information on what has been done.  When a student finishes work on the work on SAT material, the user will get a message that shows the energy points earned.  This page can be printed for a teacher if needed for verification of work. 

The page lists the 1) points earned, 2) the skill worked on and 3) any change in level.

Further information can be found on the SAT Dashboard to see what level the student is at for any particular skill and the number of questions answered at the current Skill level, 

or, for Grammar and effective language use skills, the number of total questions answered.

Again, these pages can be printed, if necessary, to provide verification for teachers.

Staff is aware of the limitations and the concerns from users about not seeing more information.  They are working on a fix, but do not have an exact timeline yet.  This article will be updated when an better estimate is available.


Original Article: September 20, 2014

Updated: September 7 2016


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