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How are the Missions percentages on my Student Progress report calculated?


We're removing Missions in June 2020. See here for more information.

The bar graph on the Student Progress report shows the Percent (%) Progress for each student, which is the same percentage that students see on the left sidebar when they’re working on a math mission. So if a student sees that they have 58% progress on the Algebra I mission, you will also see that they are in the 50-60% column on your Student Progress report.

When you go to the class list at the bottom left of the report and click on a student’s name, you’ll see the same circular chart that students see on their mission dashboard. On the Student Progress report, you will see additional information about struggling skills next to each level. Students are usually struggling in skills marked as Needs Practice, but can also be struggling in higher level skills without being demoted.

How is % Progress calculated?

The % Progress is calculated using the following formula:

Is this a change?

Previously, the graph on the teacher dashboard displayed the Total Skills Mastered for each student. We heard your feedback that this was confusing, given that the metric students saw (% Progress) was different from the metric teachers saw (Total Skills Mastered). The change to using % Progress was made in September 2015.