Restricted email domains causing error when trying to add a coach (workaround)

Teachers from schools that use different e-mail address domains (the part after the @) for students and teachers may see an error when some students try to add coaches.

Usually this appears when a student is trying to accept an invitation to be coached, or when adding a coach by class code, with an error message like "We couldn't find that class or coach.  Your coach must create a Khan Academy account before you can add them."

For many e-mail domains, we restrict who students can add as coaches by default to protect the privacy of students' data.  Near the start of the US school year, we updated the list of restricted domains, which is why many teachers are seeing this issue now.

As a teacher, you can add a second e-mail address on the same domain as your students in order to allow them to add you as a coach.  To associate a second e-mail address with your KA account, go to and look under "linked accounts".

If your school has different email domains for students and teachers (ex: studentName@pupilSchool, teacherName@staffSchool), and you cannot create a student address, a parent of the student can enable them to accept coach requests directly.  See the article "How to coach a student from a restricted domain" for more information.


Ref. coach_nolink


Original Oct. 5th 2015

Last updated June 27th 2016

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