How to report errors in videos

Help desk sometimes receives complaints of errors in videos that have already been corrected with a small text box in the lower right hand corner.

Video with correction, see box below red arrow.

Unfortunately corrections are not visible in Full screen mode.

Please watch the videos in small screen mode first. This will allow you to know if corrections have been made. Take notes. If you wish to watch/show the video in full screen later and there is a correction to be made, consult the notes ahead. In a class setting you can then stop the video at the appropriate moment and explain.


If you would like to report a new clarification for an error in the video, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the comment section of the video

2. Click in the text box, as if you were going to write a question/comment

3. Right above the comment box, a list of links will appear, click the one for reporting clarifications in a video



Oct. 22th 2015

updated Sep 8 2016

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