Red Bar Displaying “Page is out of date. You need to refresh”

This error looks very much like the timed out error which also displays a red bar, but the text is different.

When the user refreshes the page, progress is lost in spite of the promise. If you should see this error we would very much like to receive a report with the information

  • exercise or mastery? If exercise, which one?
  • url to the page you were on
  • console report for the page if possible

We would also like to know if coming back a few minutes later gives the same result.

Workarounds: One user has told us that it may be possible to gain progress in the skill by doing only one exercise at the time. By leaving the window the progress is saved. We have not had the opportunity to test if this is correct.

If you have more than one browser window open, please close the superfluous window(s) to see if that helps.


Ref. out_of_date_refresh


Original Dec. 10th 2015

Last updated August 23 2016





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