Can I make a private Math Mission?

Q: The Math Missions at Khan Academy do not fit my student’s needs. Can I create a mission of my own?


A: As the ”What’s a mission” article says, this is currently not possible. However, the Coach Tool Grid is useful for keeping an overview of your student’s progress on selected exercises.


Start from the Student Progress tab, select your class and the mission All of Math (World of Math).

Go to the Grid tool.

Use the Filter (1.) to select all the exercises you want. As you start typing (2.) you will be offered exercises that match the keywords you enter.


Once the view has been created, confirm by pressing Done (3.) You have now created the view but not bookmarked it yet. Press the bookmarking button (4.) and follow the instructions.

When the bookmark has been created you can access this view from your bookmark menu in your browser. You must be logged in to see the view.

Link: Make a coach recommendation


March 15th 2016




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